Aluminium Bifold Windows and Doors, Aluminium Casement Windows and Doors, Aluminium Awning Windows and Doors, Aluminium Sliding Windows and Doors, Aluminium Thermal Break Windows and Doors

Nautilus Pacific Windows provide an amazing range of Commercial Grade Thermal Break and Thermally Enhanced Double Glazed Windows and Doors to suit every domestic and commercial requirement.

Double glazed windows provide significant reductions in heating and cooling costs. Recent surveys show up to 50% of household energy is lost through single Glazed Aluminium Windows and Doors. Nautilus Pacific Windows and doors perform 3 times better than standard aluminium frames.

Nautilus Pacific Windows and doors have been designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Windows can be opened in multiple configurations, provide superior security and come in a wide range of both traditional and contemporary finishes including marine grade. Double-glazing your home can provide massive reductions in outside noise levels; up to 44db of reduction can be achieved (industrial ear muffs provide only 33db) making Nautilus Pacific Windows and Doors perfect for busy roads and noisy flight paths.

Here you can get:

-Aluminium Bifold Windows and Doors
-Aluminium Casement Windows and Doors
-Aluminium Awning Windows and Doors
-Aluminium Sliding Windows and Doors
-Aluminium Thermal Break Windows and Doors